1. "10th Grade Dropout" by Squadda B

    Despite what Will Smith’s son may have said on twitter at one point or another, it’s generally recommended that everyone at least finish high school. Occasionally, there’s an exception to the rule, but for most people, high school is something that should probably be completed. One person who is the exception though, is Squadda B, and thanks to his apparent trust in Jaden Smith’s advice, we’ve got one hell of a new mixtape, in “10th Grade Dropout”. I don’t know what this means for validity of the younger Smith’s other tweets, or for the U.S.’s education system in general, but at this point, I”m not sure Squadda B can do much wrong.

    - Clever Tom


  2. Sortahuman are two brothers separated at birth


  3. "Hydrangea" by Dylan Ross prod. by Drip-133

    Like I’ve said many times before, Dylan Ross has some awesome earrings, and some even awesomer music. For the first time in a while, both of these strengths are on display with Ross’ latest music video for the track “Hydrangea”. With the video, Ross is clearly taking a tip or two from Bones in the analog, DIY quality film department, but there’s just enough creativity here for it to be uniquely his own. Who knows what’s next for the Team Sesh MC, but here’s to hoping for some more visuals like this along the way.

    - Clever Tom

    (Source: youtube.com)


  4. Deniro Farrar’s friend is stuck and he can’t get down


  5. "Hustle God EP" by Black Smurf

    In a world where “Young Thug” is an actual artist’s name, there are a few strong souls who are bringing creativity and originality back into the world of MC titles, Black Smurf being one of them. As it turns out, this dude can actually rap too, and to find evidence of this, look no further than Black Smurf’s latest release, the “Hustle God EP”.

    - Clever Tom


  6. Eddy Baker loves a nice hand-tossed salad


  7. "Acoustic Abstractions" by Lautlos

    Guitar is a cool ass instrument that needs to be used by a lot more producers. I think Lautlos has proven it doesn’t have to sound like the Beastie Boys.

    - Clever Tom


  8. Joey Fatts has a cool shirt on


  9. "Frozen In Time 2" by Purekut

    Purekut is heading out west! What better way to celebrate the new beginning than with a great new beat tape? These seven new tracks are classic ‘kut and it’s the perfect project to keep us held over until he settles in nicely into his new surroundings.

    - Clever Tom


  10. Kilo Kish prefers to dance in confined spaces


  11. "Infamous" by Supa Sortahuman & Dizzy D

    In honor of the legendary Lord Infamous’ passing, Supa Sortahuman and Dizzy D have named their latest tape “Infamous”, to honor the fallen hip-hop comrade. Not to worry though, Infamous’ legacy is in good hands with these two, as you can distinctly hear early Three Six Mafia’s influence on this duo’s music. Lord Infamous might not be here any longer to bless us with his amazing, Memphis-style music, but at least these two dudes from Huntsville, Alabama are here to carry on the torch.

    - Clever Tom


  12. Yung Lean does not approve of your happiness